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CATALOGUE - What are these add-ons and what do they do...(9Mb)

Microsoft Access2003 Runtime (35Mb)
Microsoft Access2010 Runtime (preferred option) (175Mb)
Crystal Reports XI Runtime (preferred option) (68Mb)
Crystal Reports Viewer 2011 (68Mb)

1. Add-ons for RetailManager written in Access2007/2010 - (Access '97 versions available on request)

NOTE!!: If you don't see it here, don't worry - I've probably done it already! Please call 0418 148 569 or email for details...

AddressChangeRM - Change the shop details that print on dockets and reports (13Mb)

BookItIn_v2_15 14 Day Trial version - Book in Repairs/Work Orders and create Jobsheets in RM, calculate labour charges using clock on/off(40Mb)

ChaseRM 14 Day Trial version - link SO and Docket lines to PO lines, manage Customer Contacts and Stock Returns (864K)

ExchanGR v4.03 for RetailManager 14 Day Trial (1Mb) - Goods Received in Foreign Currency, plus Landed Cost apportionment by Volume or Value

MassEditDeliveryTypev1.01 for RM v10 - FREEWARE - Allows you to change all account customers default delivery type to Email, Print or Email and Print at the click of a button, then change them all back again! But beware... it changes ALL account customers... use at your own risk!!(217K)

RetailTXTCorrecter v1.02 for AccountRight in the Cloud

WhoBoughtMe v1.06 Stock Reports for RetailManager 14 day trial download (373K)

2. Crystal Reports for RetailManager - can be used as well as or in place of standard RM reports

Over 140 samples of reports in pdf format (zipped 2461K, Updated 20 January 2009)

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